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We understand the importance of numeracy, literacy, science and creative expression for children in their early years. Kinderland’s programme stirs curiosity, promotes creativity, expands capability, builds confidence and above all, cultivates care as a core value in our children. It is with this philosophy in mind that we have designed our curriculum.

Read on to learn more about Kinderland’s time-tested curriculum that supports your child’s development.

Why Parents choose Kinderland

Singapore’s Trusted Preschool Brand for over 40 years
Kinderland’s music-infused curriculum unlocks new areas in your child’s cognitive growth
Well trained and dedicated teachers and staffs
Full furnished classrooms and modern facilities for teaching and learning
Extensive and well-balanced menu specially designed and prepared in-house
Wonderful school’s events for children and parent to join and build fond childhood memory

Why Kinderland is the right choice for your child

Our academic team will help you understand how Kinderland’s unique time-tested curriculum can maximise your child’s talents and abilities.

Kinderland’s Time-Tested Curriculum

Kinderland Integrated Curriculum covers 6 developmental domains based on learning areas identified by the Ministry of Education, Singapore, in the Nurturing Early Learners framework. These are Creative Expression, Motor Skills Development, Discovery of the World, Logical Thinking, Literacy, and Social & Emotional Development.

Our integrated curriculum is designed to help preschoolers integrate confidently with their rapidly expanding new world. Each term, broad themes are broken down into sub-themes to ensure level-appropriate learning as well as continuity from pre-nursery through kindergarten.

Children’s Music Programme

Keyboard music, taught by professional music teachers, unlocks new areas in your child’s cognitive growth and is a key component in Kinderland’s music-infused curriculum. Keyboard musical training develops the part of the brain that controls visual-spatial skills, vital for learning maths and science, while sharpening memory and improving verbal intelligence and literacy.

Beyond classroom learning, our children are also exposed to performance opportunity to boost their confidence level. Last November, we were honoured to be invited to perform at Annual International Charity Bazaar, organized by The Consular Club and Honorary Consular missions of Ho Chi Minh City.

Literacy Through I.T.

Developed in the U.S., this multi-sensory programme is designed to empower children to write even before learning to read. Children are encouraged to express their ideas freely using sound association, without needing to observe the rules of grammar. The goal is to allow children to enjoy the process of learning to read and write through the use of technology, and for them to experience a sense of accomplishment.

Children will go through the process of

  • learning to recognise words using audio recordings
  • matching alphabets to form words using games and interactive resources
  • typing out alphabets to construct words and sentences.

KinderFit Cardio-Fitness Programme

KinderFit is a fitness cum cardio wellness programme for children. It incorporates games and exercises to develop their confidence and ability to control their body movements. Here at Kinderland, your children enjoy 50% more physical activity than most of their peers. Through KinderFit, they also learn to measure their heartbeat and are educated on proper eating habits and lifestyle.

Creativity with Art & Craft

Our Creativity with Art and Craft programme provides many positive benefits and advantages to children’s educational development. At Kinderland, children are encouraged to express themselves through art such as drawing, coloring and cutting patterns. These activities improve their eye-hand coordination and develop both cognitive and fine motor skills. Moreover, art promotes life lessons such as learning to think out of the box, patience, self-control, responsibility, and even conceptualising.

Purposefully-Planned and Designed Spaces to Enhance Your Child’s Learning

Each learning space in our centres is carefully planned by our curriculum team
to optimise your child’s developmental growth and learnings.

Music Studio

Music lessons are conducted in studios fully equipped with Yamaha-trademarked electronic organs, electones. Children learn basic notation and instrument playing.

I.T. Room

All centres are fitted with an I.T. room to facilitate our signature Literacy Through I.T. programme. Children are taught to explore technology safely with guidance from teachers.

Indoor Play Area

The indoor play area in our centres is the perfect setting for activities of KinderFit, regular centre events and enrichment programmes like Gymnastics. The area is often buzzing with children’s laughter.

Art & Craft Studio

Our Art & Craft Studio provides an exciting space for children to explore their creativity. Fully equipped with easels, aprons, fabric art, clay, watercolour, our studio is also a mini gallery decorated with our children’s masterpieces. Guided by the teacher’s direction on specific themes and projects, children find inspiration mostly through their own experiences and things around them.

Cookery Studio

Our Cookery Studio is designed for children to learn, explore and unleash their inner chef. Through cooking sessions, children learn the basic knowledge of the relationship between food and science. Through our programme, children are encouraged to lead a healthy daily eating habit in a fun and happy atmosphere.

Language and Literacy Corner

Our Language and Literacy Corner provides our children the opportunity to be exposed to bilingual education. With specific teaching materials, our teachers conduct literacy lessons with a variety of activities such as rhyming game, reading, storytelling, singing, drawing and writing to aid in the development of our children’s literacy.


Thank you Kinderland International Preschool for creating such ideal environment for my child. We are satisfied with the integrated teaching methodology which motivates my child to develop naturally and innovatively. Besides that, teachers are caring and supportive.

Father of Chip, Pre Nursery 2

We knew about Kinderland Preschool brand while living in Singapore. Then when it opened the first campus in Vietnam, we are more than happy to send our child there. Since the day he joined Kinderland International Preschool @Vietnam, he became more confident and was willing to help me on house works, he also voluntarily arranged toys at home. The school has its own modern kitchen with rich menu, food tastes as good as served in the restaurant. Jonny loves all the teachers here, I am so happy to see he grows up day by day at Kinderland.

Mother of Jonny, Pre Nursery 2

Kinderland International Preschool @Vista Verde is the first campus of Kinderland in Vietnam, well-known with music-infused curriculum that supports children’s academic and physical growth, especially for childs from 0-3 years old. Zea loves music, she starts swaying side by side with the beat whenever she hears the music. Besides that, the school principal and teachers are so dedicated and supportive. I feel so happy to send Zea to school everyday. Love you and thank you Kinderland Vietnam!

Mother of Zea, Pre Nursery 2

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