In a blink of an eye, the school year has come to an end. Since the school reopening in March, every teacher and staff in Kinderland International Preschool @ Vietnam raced against time to ensure our Kinderland children were on par academically. This allowed our children to have a seamless transition into their new school year.

During the school closure, teachers and staff sanitized every corner of the school to give our children a clean, homely environment. All the tables, shelves, chairs, and other furniture were wiped down and sanitized. Our school nurse also did stock checks to ensure sufficient medical supplies when school reopens.

Stock check on medical supplies

washing and sanitizing our toys and educational materials

Workers changing the decals and preparing the entrance for the new school year.

Toys were washed and cataloged for easier distribution for the new school year. Beyond cleanliness, teachers and staff also prepared new termly teaching materials for the classrooms. Teachers discussed on new school year’s lesson plans and activities. They also changed and updated the learning boards and learning corners.

We want to welcome our little ones in a new and refreshing classroom environment when they return.

Teachers are preparing the learning boards for the new school year

School opening is always something that teachers and staff look forward to. We get to meet our friends and teachers again and build more fond memories in school. Let us have a great new school year ahead!

Happy faces on the first day of school