The CURIOUS Kinderland child has an active desire and eagerness to investigate, learn and to know about his or her environment

The CREATIVE Kinderland child displays enjoyment and imagination in approaching new things and ideas

The CAPABLE Kinderland child shows ability, competence and skill in their undertaking of tasks

The CONFIDENT Kinderland child projects self-reliance and belief in their ability to do well and succeed

The CARING Kinderland child is conscientious, considerate and shows concern

Kinderland Programme

What is so special about Kinderland ?

Successful Programmes
The Kinderland programme is specially designed by our team of Child Development Early Childhood Education specialists, together with our overseas consultants. Its aim is to promote holistic development for children and readiness for schooling.

Up-to-date Programmes
Kinderland’s proprietary programme materials are constantly reviewed and updated to meet the changing developmental and educational needs of children in today’s society.

Regular Assessment
Kinderland children are well-prepared for formal schooling. They are given diagnostic testing to keep track of their progress in English, Mathematics, and Vietnamese.