Earth Day is an annual event celebrated around the world in support of environmental conservation and protection. Kinderland believes that every Kinderland Child can do a part in caring for our environment even at a young age.

Our children go green by learning about environmental conservation and committing to earth-friendly practices. One way is to reduce one’s carbon footprint is to grow a garden. The children were taught how to nurture their plants in a recycled plastic bottle. One other important concept of environmental conservation is the Three R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Through our fun and engaging games, our children learned how to recognize the recyclables from general waste. At the end of their learning, the children put together what they learned into an arts and crafts projects. Using these crafts, they share their newly acquired earth-friendly knowledge and practices with their families.

Filling their recycled plastic bottles with soil for their new plants.

Playing games to help the children recognize the recyclables.

Art and craft time! Painting our lovely Earth.

In bid to promote environmental awareness to the community, Kinderland Vietnam participated in Earth Day at Faifo Lane on 30 March 2019. Our team of dedicated teachers conducted arts and crafts activity for our young participants from the community. Through this meaningful event, everyone was reminded of the fragility of our planet and the importance of protecting it. It is a great chance to involve the community while doing something positive for the environment.

Although Earth Day is celebrated just once a year, the knowledge of environmental protection can be implemented and practiced throughout the year. Let us all do our part to make Earth a better place for generations to come!

Our teachers conducted arts and crafts session for more than 50 young participants from the community at Faifo Lane’s Earth Day event.