We live in a digital age, where the internet is our gateway to easy connectivity to people from different parts of the world. It had also become a medium for education, especially during the last two years when Covid-19 forced schools and offices to move towards digitalisation. The internet is also a good medium for expanding our skills and knowledge. Thanks to platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft teams, the internet has also made communication relatively easy in the digital age.

On 30 March 2022, Kindergarten Two (K2) children in Kinderland International Preschool @ Vietnam had a grand opportunity to connect with children from Kinderland Singapore. This was made possible through our e-Ambassador programme, an initiative spearheaded by our Singapore Headquarter’s Curriculum Department. This programme allowed our Kinderland children from different countries to introduce and talk about a topic related to the learning theme of the term. Our K2 children exchange their country’s cultures, values, traditions and practices during the programme, expanding their social awareness.

Both countries picked a common topic before the actual meeting day – ‘Policemen our Community Helper”. Kinderland Vietnam children and teachers pre-discussed the aspects of the policemen in Vietnam they would like to share with their Singapore counterparts. As the main language of communication was in English, our Vietnamese children practised hard everyday as they wanted to make their teachers proud. They even practised a song about Policemen, to perform for their Singapore friends.

There was lots of excitement on the e-Ambassador meeting day, as our children from both countries eagerly greeted each other. Children from both countries listened attentively during the sharing sessions. They were awed to learn about the uniforms, police stations, police cars and even the different roles of police officers present in both countries.

Our K2 children excitedly greeting their friends in Singapore

Children in Singapore sharing about their police officers in Singapore

Kinderland Vietnam children sharing about one of the different role of Police Officers in Vietnam

It was with much pride and joy as our teachers witnessed our Kinderland Vietnam children presenting and sharing confidently about the brave Policemen of Vietnam. At the end of the sharing session, Kinderland Vietnam children also preformed the song they had been practising for, much to the delight of our Singapore children and teachers.

Vietnam Kinderland children performing a song for their Singapore friends

The e-Ambassador Project has created wonders in learning beyond the classroom. We work towards catering more of such sharing sessions for our Kinderland children. The cross-cultural exchange from the different countries will help prepare our children with a global mindset.