At Kinderland International Preschool @ Vietnam, we are excited to collaborate with two well-known Japanese enrichment providers to offer top-notch enrichment programmes for our young learners. The providers are JACPA and Yamaha School of Music.

JACPA Fitness Programme

JACPA, a children’s sport provider from Japan, offers exciting gymnastics classes for children aged between four and six. During each session, children were engaged in various activities such as stretching, walking on balance beams, and performing pull-overs. By participating in gymnastics, children not only keep their bodies healthy and active but also enhance their balance, coordination, and flexibility. Moreover, mastering challenging movements in gymnastics can boost children’s confidence.

Warm up stretches with the JACPA fitness instructor

Our child attempting a pullover with encouragement from the JACPA instructor

Yamaha Music Programme

The Yamaha music programme is tailored for children between four and six years old. Through this high engagement and interactive programme, our children explore music, learn new skills, and have fun. We believe that these music classes will help our children develop their musical abilities, creativity, and appreciation for music.

Ms Rose inviting the children to sing along with her

Lovely parent accompanies her child for the music class during open house

With the introduction of new enrichment programmes provided by JACPA and Yamaha Music School, we provide our children a comprehensive and enriching learning experience. We are delighted to offer these programmes to both the public and Kinderland children.

We hope to offer our families and the community quality programmes, and we are committed to working together to provide the best possible learning experiences for our children.