On 29 March 2023, Kindergarten Two (K2) children, teachers and parents of Kinderland International Preschool @ Vietnam visited Australian International School (AIS) for a grade school experience. A visit to a grade school is important to help our children understand and prepare them better for their next learning journey when they leave preschool.

AIS were kind to have their school bus ferry our children to and from school. We were warmly welcomed by the staff of AIS at the gates who took our temperatures and did the necessary health checks.

Touring the school premises

We started our tour by having some outdoor activities at the school’s playground.

Our children having fun at the indoor playground

Kinderland children were also given opportunities to visit their different sport centers such as the gymnasium. Our children also visited a Grade 1 class classroom and the teacher of the class played Math games with our children. The teachers and the academic staff patiently answered questions and queries from our parents and children.

Our children engaging in the Math activities organized by the AIS Grade 1 teacher

Our children enjoying the books at the AIS library

Lastly, the children together with their teachers had lunch in the school cafeteria. They were excited to experience having lunch in a formal school cafeteria and felt like grown children. To bring the tour to a closure, the AIS Assistant Principal greeted our children and presented each child and their parent a token of appreciation and warmly took our parents’ questions on the school’s programme and curriculum.

Queuing up for food at AIS canteen

This is the first experience for our K2 children to knowing what a grade school’s life might be. We would like to sincerely thank AIS for this wonderful and exciting experience for our children and we look forward to more visits in future. This visit left our children feeling excited about what will await them when they leave preschool for grade school.