On 14 February 2022, Kinderland International Preschool @ Vista Verde welcomes the return of our first batch of children after nine months of school closure!

To ensure our staff and children’s safety in school, we adhered strictly to the 5K rules stipulated by the authorities. We will continue to conduct weekly Covid-19 testing of all our staff and teachers. These measures also reassure our parents that we take our children’s and staffs’ health and safety very seriously.

It was a very busy and exciting day as all staff turned up early with bright, cheery smiles to welcome our children back. Parents were also excited to finally send our children back to continue their child’s learning journey at school. It was truly heart-warming to see familiar faces after such a long time.

Families on their way to drop their little ones

In class, our children were taught self-care tips in a fun and visual way to keep them safe from Covid-19. The teachers helped them build the habits of wearing masks and washing their hands frequently. They also learned how to maintain a safe distance from others, inside and outside class. After months of online learning, teachers were also excited to have in-class teaching again.

Ongoing class activities while ensuring our children are sitting a safe distance from everyone.

We also had official visits from the Ministry of Education. They checked on our kitchen hygiene, Covid actions and documents preparations for our staff and children. They were impressed with our documents and gave us tips on how we could further improve our safety measures.

MOE officials checking our system of labelling the food

It was definitely a busy but fruitful first week for us. Fortunately, the smiles and laughter from our children made it all worthwhile.