At Kinderland International Preschool @ Vietnam, we were privileged to nurture children from diverse backgrounds and nationalities. We celebrated Mother’s Day on 12 May 2023 with the rest of the world. This annual observance provided individuals with a unique opportunity to honour and show gratitude to their mothers while reflecting on these remarkable women’s profound impact on their lives.

We created a meaningful experience for our children during this Mother’s Day celebration. We encouraged children to express their gratitude and admiration for their wonderful mothers through craft-making activities. By engaging in these creative endeavours, we hope our children will learn to appreciate the love and graciousness demonstrated by their mothers.

Our Pre-Nursery 2 child with his gift for his Mum

Putting together his flowers for his Mother’s Day card

Kinderland International Preschool @ Vietnam would like to take this opportunity to embrace and respect the beautiful and spirited mothers worldwide. As our children express their love for their mothers, they learn to cherish their family’s unique backgrounds and experiences. This creates a cordial, nurturing home-school partnership for our growing children, strengthening their emotional development.

Our Pre-Nursery 1 child working hard on her special gift for mummy

Our Kindergarten 2 child hand-making a flower for his mother.

We express our deepest gratitude to all the incredible mothers and families in Kinderland International Preschool. Their unwavering support and the kindness have helped build happy little learners.