Kinderland International Preschool @ Vista Verde, Vietnam is proud to launch enrichment courses for our children.

Having extended enrichment courses in our preschool would mean our children have access to extended learning opportunities with ease. To allow all ages of our preschoolers to enjoy our enrichment programmes, Kids Zumba and Children Art were introduced.

Zumba is beyond just dance or getting our children to work out physically. Zumba aids physical, motor skills development, cognitive skills, memory and retention, health, reasoning and team-building skills in our children. Our experience Zumba instructor has good repo with our children, alleviating our children’s love for the Zumba class and having a lot of fun during class.

Learning to stretch and control their body movement to increase flexibility

Teaching the young ones to coordinate and control their body movements

Preschool is also a good time for young children to learn and develop artistic fundamentals. Motor skills and eye-hand coordination skills are also further developed through preschool art. Our Art teacher is also experience with young children. Her kind and gentle nature puts our young ones at ease with her and our older children happy to open up to her.  Our Art programme pursues to bring out the creativity in our children.

Teacher working closely together with the young ones

Children add colour to their masterpiece

Putting our children’s interest in our priority, Kinderland International Preschool @ Vista Verde will be introducing more enrichment programmes in the near future. We want our children to enjoy and love every lesson in our school!