As countries worldwide roll out plans and measures to vaccinate their citizens against COVID-19, the need for teachers to be vaccinated became an increasingly pressing concern. Teachers being vaccinated will equip schools to be ready for re-opening, allowing our children return to school safely.

To cope with the increasing number of Covid-19 cases, Vietnam launched its vaccination campaign for the priority groups on March 8, 2021. Teachers were part of the priority group to receive the vaccination. Kinderland’s teachers actively participated in this Vaccination Drive to ensure that all our teachers and staff receive their vaccination for the safety of our children. They played a part in helping to re-normalize in-person teaching for the student’s continuation in education. And for the bigger picture, we hope that no child will be left behind in their journey of learning.

Finally, on June 27, Kinderland Vietnam’s team received the long-awaited news for themselves to be vaccinated the next day. Our teachers and staff don on their Kinderland T-shirts with pride and stride into the vaccination centre bravely.

Teachers waiting to fill up their medical declaration forms and to be examined by the doctors.

Our teachers and staff went through a routine health check with the friendly doctors, nurses and volunteers, ensuring no medical history will impede their vaccinations. The nurses then led our staff were then led to another room where there were seated to get their jabs. The process was quick and fuss-free, with very thorough and prompt procedures, leaving the team feeling safe and secured and leaving the vaccination centre feeling relaxed.

Teachers feeling excited about their vaccination

Sending moral support to the rest who were waiting for their turns

After the smooth process of receiving theirs first jab, our staff looks forward to their second jab in four weeks. Kinderland is appreciative that our team has put our children’s interest before them and accept the vaccination. We will continue to observe safety measures regulations set by the government and do our part as responsible citizens and individuals. Kinderland strongly hopes that this pandemic will ease up and that life can be back to normal soon. Let us get there together by staying safe and taking great care.