ABC Babysit
This site offers free printables for babysitters, parents, daycare providers, and teachers of young children. Check out the word puzzles, coloring pages, and project ideas. You will also find forms to use to organize your babysitting needs

Sesame Street 123!
What’s the letter for the day? Well, let Cookie Monster tell you.

Hear the story and read along
Have fun and learn with Clifford on TV, online, and through engaging activities at the comfort of your home.

Math baseball
How well is your addition, subtraction, multiplication or division? Try this out!

Number Cracker?
Help Mr. Cracker obtain the secret code before the insidious Prof. Soup catches him by guessing what number comes next in a series of numbers.

The Grammar Gorillas
Do you know the difference between a noun, verb, adjective or preposition? Let the Grammar Gorillas bring you through.

Which subject do you enjoy most in school?
Art, Geography, History, Languages, Numeracy? Choose a subject to find games, activities and fun facts from these subjects.

Teen Writing
Improve your writing skills. Check out some of the common mistakes ways to avoid them.

Child Care Link
Child Care Services Information by Ministry of Community, Youth & Sports (MCYS)

Handwriting for kids
Learning to write numbers and letters are important tasks for children. It should be exciting and enjoyable activity through which children can experience success. There are practices on Manuscript, Mathematics, Cursive and Spanish writings.

NAEYC provides resources and information for parents as guidance for choosing the best possible care and education for their children. It has a discussion forum where you can share your interests and concerns.

Parenting Me
Helpful hints and tips from the child’s point of view from 1 to 10 years old such as social interaction, motor and emotional development, nutrition and mealtime, preparing for new baby, preparing for preschool and many more concerns.

Discover the talents in your child!
Your child can be a star! Discover what he can do at Crestar! Crestar Learning Centre offers a wide range of enrichment programs- Language, Arts, Dance and Music.

Educator’s Best Friend
A search engine for educational web sites, a place where educators can find information without searching the entire Internet; original content, including lesson plans, practical information for educators, information on how to integrate technology in the classroom, and articles written by education experts.

Encyclopaedia Research
Encyclopedia.com, the Internet’s premiere free encyclopaedia, provides users with more than 57,000 frequently updated articles from the Columbia Encyclopaedia, Seventh Edition. Each article is enhanced with links to newspaper and magazine articles as well as pictures and maps – all provided by eLibrary.

Learning Page
Learning Page is a huge collection of professionally produced instructional material for you to download and print. Lesson plans, books, worksheets and much more can be found on the site.

Sesame Workshop
The workshop that develops innovative and engaging educational contents delivered in interactive ways to help your child prepare for school, to better understand the world and one another. To think, dream and discover and to reach their highest potential.

Social Studies for Kids
Kid’s resources for social studies feature articles, glossaries, newsletters, FAQs, and a related forum.

ESL Kids Stuff
Over 900 printable flash cards, over 300 printable worksheets, games and songs, article archives and a forum available.

Search Engines for Kids
At this site, children can type in their search request to eight different kid-friendly search engines without leaving the site. This site also has links to numerous other kid search sites and web guides for kids.