In line with the Food and Nutrition theme at Kinderland International Preschool @ Vietnam this month, our Kindergarten One and Two (K1 and K2) children went on an experiential learning adventure to E-Mart@Sala. The out-of-school learning was an exciting experience for all our children, and we seized this opportunity to allow our children to relate their learnings in school to the real world. A supermarket is a wonderful place for children to be aware of and learn about different kinds of groceries and household items available there.

The friendly staff of E-Mart brought our children to different sections of the supermarket (fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, dairy, frozen food section, bakery, and canned goods, toys, etc.) They had the opportunity to see an array of products displayed systematically in different sections on shelves, in the aisle as per products, brands, prices and discounts.

The staff is introducing the bakery section to our children

While seeing the different fruits and vegetables, the teacher spoke about the importance of eating healthy food over unhealthy food because of the nutritional benefits. Our children learn to make independent decision, look for items that are required and make healthy choices when they shop at a supermarket. The staff and teachers showed the children how to select fresh goods and make payment at the counters.

Our teacher is showing a bag of frozen dumpling and reiterate one of the ways of preserving food is freezing.

Our children picking fresh fruits and vegetables

Our children are identifying one of the dairy products from the healthy eating pyramid

It was an enriching experience for our K1 and K2 children to understand the food products in the different food sections of the supermarket. Their first trip to E-Mart was a memorable experience.

Our wonderful trip to E-Mart