Summer is over! Our children are ready to embark on their new school year after a short-term break and National Day holidays. For most of our children, going back to school is filled with emotions. They are eager to meet their friends and teachers again. Our newly enrolled friends’ worries were soon soothed by their eagerness to play with their newfound friends every morning.

Our teachers were excited to welcome the children to their newly set-up classrooms. The teachers have spent the term break decorating and preparing the learning corners and the display boards for the new academic year! The teachers also prepare teaching materials and activities, looking forward to welcoming their children back to a completely new learning space.

Teachers eagerly welcomed child to back to school

A child is checking in using the school app

Happy grandparents and their precious granddaughter

On the first day, our children gathered to greet all their new teachers and had fun through songs together in their new classrooms. They had games and ice-breaking activities to get to know their new teachers and friends. Despite some initial tears from our new children having to part with their parents, the day was nonetheless filled with laughter and fun.

First day of school, yay!

We look forward to yet another fulfilling and exciting year ahead with all our children and parents! Let the learning unfold!