A nature walk is an excellent way to stimulate a child’s appreciation for the natural world. Recently, our children from Kinderland Vietnam went on a nature walk in the park located at Vista Verde.

They were guided to collect dried leaves, twigs or dried flowers that have fallen on to the ground to be brought back for art activities. Our Teachers also took the opportunity to educate our children on how they should not pluck leaves or flowers and leave them in its natural state.

Our children had fun playing with their pinwheels. Incidental learning took place as children discovered the faster they ran, the faster their pinwheels turn and when they slowed down, the pinwheels slowed down too.

Before heading back to school, our children had the experience of laying out their mats and enjoy a little picnic session with their friends.

It was a great morning for the children who bonded with each other and learnt about nature and science.

Our children running with their pinwheels to test the motion of ‘fast’ and slow” and incidental learning of wind energy-like how the force of the wind turns the pinwheel

Picking up fallen twigs and leaves for their art and craft activity.

Teacher explaining to children about the importance of caring for the plants, and the different parts of the plants.

Experiencing a picnic with friends. Grow with Kinderland!