Dr Diana Baranovich from the University of Malaya conducted a parenting workshop in Kinderland Vista Verde recently. Dr Diana is an expert in using creative play, recreational music and dance to enhance creativity, language development and arts appreciation in young children. She has a Doctoral Degree in School Psychology, Master Degree in Fine Arts, and Bachelor Degree in Music Education.

Dr Diana Baranovich with all the participants who attended the workshop

Parents who attended the workshop gained valuable insights on how to incorporate music and movement at home. Techniques and ideas were shared and exchanged at the hands-on session. Parents and children participated and have loads of fun with the various instruments used to demonstrate activities. Balls, shakers, scarves, drums, just to name a few were used during the hands-on session.

Demonstration by Dr Diana, parents were eager to participate

Happy Parents during the hands-on session

They also learned the benefits of music and movement. It is important to remember that music is something that can bring joy and that can bring people together. It’s positive, and it brings people together because, as Stein reminds us:

‘Children are born musicians, dancers, artists and storytellers … we just have to set the stage for creativity, learning and fun.’ (Stein, 2008) … it’s just down to us to do something about it!

Meaning sharing of ideas among participants at Kinderland Vista Verde