On 24 November 2020, Kinderland International Preschool @ Vista Verde’s Kindergarten Two (K2) children and their teachers and parents of made their first Grade School visit to Australian International School (AIS).  Grade School visit is important as we believe that it will help our children experience formal schooling and prepare them better for their next learning journey when they leave preschool.

With great hospitality, our school tour started off with an introductory talk at the cafeteria where snacks and milk were served. Through a video presentation, our children learned about some of the activities they can expect to do when they enter Grade 1.

An introductory talk to the parents by an academic staff regarding the school

Our children were also given the opportunities to visit the gymnasium, take part in some physical activities with the PE teacher, visit the school library and visited a Grade 1 classroom to observe the interaction in class. The friendly and patient teachers and academic staff also took questions and queries from our parents and children.

Exploring the school hallways

Participating in a Physical Movement activity

An introductory talk to the parents by an academic staff regarding the school

The highlight of the tour was at the end of the programme where our children had the chance to experience having lunch in the school cafeteria. They were excited to be dining in a huge cafeteria as it made our little ones feel like they have grown up and all ready to be ‘big children’! Our children were each presented a token of appreciation at the end of the tour and we seized the opportunity a group photo with the academic team at AIS.

Enjoying their lunch in the school cafeteria

We sincerely thanked our host for this wonderful and exciting experience and we look forward to many more of these visits in future for our K2 children. This visit has left our children feeling enthusiastic for Grade School.

End of School tour Grp photo with the Deputy Principal