On 24 December 2020, Kinderland International Preschool @ Vista Verde had our annual Christmas celebrations. Everyone was excited about this festive celebration as we embrace great hopes for a brighter 2021.

Our children came to school all dressed in their colourful Christmas themed clothes. The whole school was a parade of red and green colours. The celebration started in the schools’ hall, with our teachers leading our children into the dancing and singing of Christmas carols.

Our children were dancing and singing to Christmas carols during the event

Our junior Santa Claus

Our children also immersed themselves in a storytelling session titled the “Twas the night before Christmas”. The classic poem where it teaches our children of what are the preparations that happen on the night before Christmas.

Our lovely children are listening attentively during a story-telling session

The biggest surprise and highlight of the celebrations were when the jingles of bells and the signature greeting, ‘Ho-Ho-Ho’ was heard! Santa Claus popped by for a visit and along with him was the giant red bag of gifts for all our children. The true secret Santa behind these lovingly wrapped gifts were none other than our parents. Two weeks before Christmas, we had our children draw or write a letter to Santa, telling him their wish for Christmas on the promise of their good behaviour. Our teachers later shared the wish list with our parents for their preparation.

Every child waited excitedly and patiently for their names to be called to receive their gift and had a handshake with Santa Claus. Upon receiving their gifts, they eagerly opened their gifts to share their joy with their friends.

Our charming Santa is distributing presents to our children

After that, our children broke out into different classrooms to play Christmas themed games, participate in art and craft activities in the Art and Craft Studio and decorate gingerbread cookies in the Cookery Studio.

Our children are tossing a ball into a Christmas cup

Our children try to jump up and down to shake the balls out of the box.

It was a fantastic day filled with fun and lots of laughter with much joy watching the happiness on our children’s faces.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at Kinderland!