Halloween’s Day was celebrated on the 30 October 2020 with a fun filled exciting activities for our children in Kinderland International Preschool @ Vista Verde, Vietnam. There were very happy Superheroes, Fairies, Witches, Zombies and other interesting characters parading around the school. Excited faces were seen everywhere as children posed for photographs for their equally thrilled parents.

Our winner for the Halloween Best Dressed Costume

We started off our celebrations by having a music and movement activities and a story-telling session during assembly. The children took turns to stride with pride in their costumes and pose for a class photo with their friends and teachers.

Thereafter, the children went into different classrooms for trick or treat exchanges. There were various Halloween-themed activities held in each class for the children to participate in, such as ‘Pin the Spider, ‘Bowl the Witches Hat’ and many more. The children enjoyed receiving sweets as they travelled through the various classrooms shouting “Trick or Treat!”.

Mystery box challenge

Our Spiderman in Toss the ring game

In the afternoon, children together with their teachers created Halloween-themed art and craft activities which they brought home to share with their parents.

Our Nursery children in the Art room working on their Halloween-themed crafts

Halloween was a fun and eventful day for all our children as it involved some of their favorite activities such as eating candies, getting crafty and having to party with friends! It is the little memories that will last a lifetime and we at Kinderland Vietnam were glad to have been part of their memories.

Our little Harry Potter enjoying his snack

Our children capturing the mood of Halloween