April is an exciting month for Kinderland International Preschool @ Vista Verde, Vietnam. After a much-anticipated wait, our children were finally able to go on excursions. The out-of-school learning was an exciting experience for all our children, and we seized this opportunity to celebrate Earth Day.

Our Pre-Nursery Two (PN2) children went on an experiential learning adventure on the curriculum theme ‘My Neighborhood”. They first took a walk around a nearby mall at Faifo Lane and followed by a visit to a classmate’s house.

Our excited PN2 children were eagerly pointing out the different shops or restaurants they know as they strolled past the shops at Faifo Lane. They were able to identify the shops they have previously visited with their family. The opportunity to visit a classmate’s house allowed them to identify the different sections of the house relating to what was taught in the preschool.

Teacher explaining to children about the 24hrs minimart in Faifo Lane

Our children were welcomed by Jessica’s mum

By allowing our children to learn out of school, they relate their learnings in school to the real world and natural environment. This helps to reinforce their learning and enhances their understanding and language ability.

Not forgetting our Nursery (N) to Kindergarten Two (K2) children who enjoyed a full-body workout at Jump Arena Trampoline Park. They were thrilled with activities such as jumping on the giant airbag, diving into colourful ball pits and jumping on trampolines.

Quick warm up exercises before they hit the trampoline

The trip allowed our children to strengthen their body muscles, build gross motor skills, and most importantly, expand their social skills. Teamwork was evident as the children helped one another out of the ball pits or to regain their position on the trampolines. They also learn to play together as a team.

Trampoline jumps from pit to pit

Field trips are important for growing young preschoolers. It enables our children to explore, extend, and enrich their learning and social skills development in a non-school setting.