As with all the other countries in the world, Vietnam is still actively fighting with Covid-19 pandemic since early 2020. Ho Chi Minh City had relaxed its social distancing measures on September 21 and October 1, respectively to help recover the economy with pandemic prevention controls. Even though this means that restaurants and businesses will be able to operate again with prevention measures put in place, preschools across Vietnam continue to remain closed.

Throughout the closure period, Kinderland remains in close communications with our children and families. We also regularly organize online events to gather all our children and parents. Our staff are also regularly in touch with our children to show their care and concern.

Greeting from our teachers to our children

Kinderland continues to take measures to upkeep its environment. We were focused on regular cleaning services, upkeep and maintenance of our electrical appliances and components and even the sanitization of our premises. Regular upkeep and maintenance of the school are very important. We want to be fully prepared and ready to spring into action with the school fully prepared to welcome our children back when the Government allows preschools to resume operations.

Regular on-going cleaning services in Kinderland

Regular on-going cleaning services

We miss our children and hope to see each other again. We at Kinderland Vietnam will continue to follow the news closely on the Covid-19 situation in Vietnam. We hope that things will improve day by day and preschools will re-open soon. In the meantime, please stay safe and do take care.