Halloween is one of the events our children and teachers look forward to annually as they seize the opportunity to be dressed in their favourite character costumes. Kinderland International Preschool @ Vietnam brought this exciting event of Halloween to our children amidst the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic.

On Friday, 29th October 2021, Kinderland celebrated Halloween with our children virtually. We encouraged our children to come dressed in their favourite costumes for the online celebration. There were very happy Superheroes, Fairies, Witches, and other interesting characters attending our virtual celebration.

Our friendly witches and superheroes

Our teachers planned spooky and fun activities. Our children sang along to festival-themed songs, tuned in to storytelling, paraded their costumes before their class, had arts and crafts activities involving making paper pumpkins and “spooky ghost in a cup”, and attempted riddles. It was such joy watching our children taking on a different persona in their chosen costumes.

Halloween with our Pre-Nursery One students

Our children moving along to the song

Storytime with our Pre-Nursery Two children

Let’s learn how to draw a pumpkin

This virtual Halloween party brought joy and colours, adding a festive cheer for everyone, despite not being able to trick or treat like how we use to. Nonetheless, we hope that things shall improve and return to celebrating this joyful event in person next year.

Till then we hope to see each other again, and in the meantime, please stay safe and take care.