Coding, widely known as computer programming, is not all about using the computer. In a technology-reliant era, early exposure to coding helps young children develop essential skills for the digital future.

Come November, Kinderland International Preschool @ Vietnam will be launching age-appropriate coding lessons for our children. Our students from nursery to kindergarten levels will learn how to manoeuvre and navigate introductory programmable gadgets.

October was a special month for our teachers. To prepare for the launch of the Coding programme, Kinderland Singapore Curriculum Specialist Ms Shikin flew in to train our teachers. She introduced the benefits of Coding and how best to deliver it to our children. Our teachers were exposed to three days of intensive training by Ms Shikin for the practical and theoretical aspects of Coding. Teachers also had first-hand experience in exploring the various gadgets and planned lessons.

Our teachers learning actively with Coding specialist Ms Shikin from Singapore Curriculum team

Observing how children in Singapore learn and benefit from Coding programme

Beyond just delivering the programme, Ms Shikin also guided in assessing children’s learning development. The assessment will monitor our children’s progressive learning from Nursery to Kindergarten. Children can embark on more formidable coding challenges ahead with a strong foundation in Coding.

Our teachers thoroughly enjoyed the interactive sessions. They are recharged with new knowledge, ready to engage our children in December with the launch of the new Coding Programme. The programme will also undergo regular review and training to bring new teachings and learning to our children.

First-hand experience on how to create codes to move the gadgets

All ready to bring the excitement to our children