14 October 2022 marked a memorable day for our children at Kinderland International Preschool @ Vietnam. The school planned a field trip to Vietopia Amusement Park as part of our children’s learning journey.

All set to board the bus to Vietopia

At Vietopia, our children learn through role-playing in an interactive city that blends inspiration, enjoyment, and education. Our children seized the opportunity to learn about the numerous occupations displayed at Vietopia Amusement Park. In a sizable indoor metropolis, children autonomously explored a variety of thrilling vocations.

Our little K2 bakers

Our children learned about various occupations, including firefighters, doctors, astronauts, and veterinarians. Our children were also dressed up in different costumes as part of their learning. Their social skills were developed through play and engagement with their classmates. We anticipate that our children and their friends will acquire valuable lessons and make lifelong memories as a result of the excursion.

We eagerly anticipate our next upcoming trip!

Learning about the roles and responsibilities of a paediatric doctor and nurse

Our K1 child role playing as a Firefighter

Our young scientists looking through the lens