The growth of other skills that are essential in today’s technologically dependent world is facilitated by learning to code, one of the key abilities of the twenty-first century.

Earlier in December 2022, Kinderland started rolling out the Coding Programme in phases through dedicated lessons and planned activities conducted by our teachers. In January 2023, all Kinderland Nursery and Kindergarten students began the Coding Programme. We want to prepare our students for the future better.

Teacher sharing about Bee Bot with the class

Since last year, Kinderland Singapore’s Curriculum department has been working closely with the school. Kinderland is committed to training all our teachers with the necessary knowledge and skills to conduct the Coding Programme.

Coding allows our children to communicate better, think more computationally, critically and reason more effectively. With guidance from our teachers, our children have been enthusiastically learning coding through carefully planned lessons. It also allows children to be more innovative and creative and use technology more efficiently.

Given more practises, our children will learn to embrace technology quickly and confidently. This will enable them to be more accepting of digital learning as they progress through their education.

Our children using an iPad to manoeuvre Bee Bot

Our children attempting to manoeuvre Bee Bot