The Mid-Autumn Festival (or Tết Trung Thu in Vietnamese) is one of the most exciting and popular holidays for Vietnamese families. The festival is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month in the lunar calendar, when the moon shines its brightest in autumn.

The Mid-Autumn festival is also a significant day in the year for families and friends to reunite and bond on this joyous occasion. Every year during this joyous occasion, families will gather around to enjoy the sight of the beautiful moon. Children will receive candies, toys and parade their lanterns with families and friends. Families will also prepare a tray containing five different fruits and mooncakes to pay respects to the full moon, and importantly to express their thankfulness for a year of peace and prosperity.

Teachers educating children on the significance of Mid-Autumn celebrations in Vietnam

Kinderland International Preschool @ Vietnam aimed to bring this joyful atmosphere of the mid-autumn festival to our children and their parents amidst the ongoing lockdowns.

We celebrated the Mid-Autumn event virtually while engaging our children with different activities such as storytelling, crafts, music and movement. Lion dancing (múa lân) is an essential element of the Mid-autumn festivities. During this lockdown, we could not experience the excitement and joy of watching a live Lion Dance performance. Instead, our children got to watch various videos and clips of Lion Dance performances. Our teachers also shared the legend of how the Mid-Autumn Festival came about in Vietnam.  In addition, teachers and children also sang Mid-Autumn songs and made a paper lantern together.

Understanding the types of Mid-Autumn celebrations in Vietnam through pictures

Our nursery children creating lanterns together with their teachers and parents

Children showcasing their paper lantern crafts

Kinderland wishes all parents and children a warm and peaceful Mid-Autumn Festival.