In 2023, a team of Kinderland Vietnam representatives had the opportunities to join the two significant events of Kinderland Singapore. Their attendance underscored the global unity within the Kinderland family. The Vietnam team participated in both events and witnessed the culmination of the hard work and dedication put forth by both teachers and children in preparation for these grand events.

The first event is Kinderland Sports Fiesta 2023 which was held on 7 October 2023. The Vietnam team participated in the event rehearsal and understudy the Singapore team to understand the event programme and procedures. This is an eye-opening event for the team as they gain exposure on how to manage a sports day for both young children and their families. It is indeed an event filled with joy and sportsmanship. Parents were not mere spectators; they were actively involved, joining their children in various sport activities and cheering them on with contagious enthusiasm.

Parents actively involved int the sports activities

Children’s warm-up exercises conducted by Mr. Sakurai Shun, an instructor from JACPA

Team from Vietnam and China had a memorable group photo in the event

In the realm of early childhood education, the power of experiential learning knows no bounds. The second event that the Kinderland Vietnam team participated was the Kinderland Graduation Concert 2023 on 25 November. They take this opportunity to learn from the Singapore team the organizing and managing of the event. The team also had the opportunity to visit some of the preschools and international school under the Kinderland group. The team gained insightful experience and exchanged knowledge from the visit and understand better the Kinderland culture.

Kinderland Vietnam team having a group photo with Singapore headquarter team during the Graduation Concert 2023

The Kinderland Vietnam team made their visits and learn about the infant and toddler classroom set up

The team was learning the menu offered in Singapore and visit the farmto table gardening project.

The Kinderland Vietnam team expressed deep gratitude for the warm welcome during their stay in Singapore and felt a profound sense of honour to be part of such a vibrant and supportive community in Kinderland. They brought back all the valuable experiences and learning points to enhance the operations and deliverables in the centre. This in turn will benefit our children at Kinderland International Preschool @ Vietnam, allowing them to gain the best preschool experiences in their crucial learning years!