A typical day in Happy Petting Farm unfolded not for the seasoned workers but for a group of wide-eyed young explorers. The air buzzed with excitement as our Nursery and Kindergarteners explore Happy Petting Farm to learn about animals and nature in a fun and interactive way.

The adventure began as our children encountered the tiny rabbits and guinea pigs before moving to a barn with goats and hogs. Their tiny hands, guided by patient workers to offer leafy vegetables and grasses for these animals, forged bonds with the little animal friends, who busily munched on their beloved crunchy snacks. Our little ones learning about different animal diets and preferences sparked inquisitive minds, turning every nibble into a mini-lesson in animal care.

With the tiny guinea pigs

Close encounter with the goats

The children beloved pony also named as “unicorn” by the children

Our children had a close encounter with a gentle and woolly brown alpaca. They had an enjoyable time feeding this social and placid giant stature eliciting both awe and cautious touches. They also had the opportunities to feed the ponies and stroked the fluffy sheep in the farm. With each encounter, shy smiles melted into infectious laughter, fuelled by the thrill of connecting with these furry friends.

Children feeding and patting the alpaca

Fun with the sheep

Beside the animals, the sun-drenched rows of emerald green greeted our children like welcoming arms. Our children identify the names at each row of lettuce, pumpkin, cabbage and herbs plants as our teachers patiently explained the cycle of seed to plate.

A child trying to identify the vegetables

This fun and educational excursion has provided our children the opportunity to develop their language skills through inquiry-based dialogues and enhanced their sensory skills by exploring the farm with their sight, smell and listening. It was a tapestry woven with curiosity, discovery, and the magic of human-animal connection. The faces, flushed with sunshine spoke volume. It was a world of learning unlocked, where our children explored the vastness of nature and nurtured seeds of empathy and wonder.