Kinderland International Kindergarten @ Vietnam, our teachers and staff wholeheartedly embraced the spirit of Tet, providing our young learners with a meaningful and enriching experience that fosters an appreciation for diversity and community. With one goal in mind, our Tet celebration is also our charity fun fair with the theme: “Tet 2024, Giving and Sharing”. All the donations of lightly minted toys and clothes and the proceeds of the fun fair were used to buy necessities for ‘Thu Duc Youth Village’ which cares for orphans and children in particularly difficult circumstances from birth to 18 years old in the city.

The event began in the afternoon as our children dressed in their finest ao dai (traditional Vietnamese attire) and our parents arrived to celebrate this meaningful event with their children. Our Zumba children showcased their dance through traditional Vietnamese songs.

Our Zumba children dancing to Tet song and our parents enjoying the performance

Parents and children gathered with their classmates to participate in a variety of Tet-themed activities and games such as making Bánh chưng (sticky rice cake), painting Nón lá (conical hats), making individualized 2024 calendars, painting piggy banks and balloon games.

Our parent and child create memorable memory of making sticky rice cake together.

Child are decorating conical hats and making personalized calendar with her parents

Parents were excited to get their auspicious phrases in Vietnamese calligraphy from the calligrapher and children were crowding the Tò he (toy figurine made from glutinous rice flour) craftsman to get their favourite figurine.

Through our Tet celebration, we strived to create an inclusive and welcoming environment where all students learned about the Vietnamese cultural heritage and were excited to learn about the traditions of others. By embracing diversity and fostering a sense of community, we not only enrich the educational experience of our students but also cultivate a lifelong appreciation for the richness of the world around them and share the happiness with the less fortunate.

In the end, Tet is not just a celebration of the Vietnamese New Year, but also a celebration of unity, friendship, and the joy of sharing. As we bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new, we are reminded of the power of tradition to bring us together and inspire us to embrace the wonders of the world around us.

Our staff purchased essentials items such as oil, rice, milk, salt and etc. to deliver to Thu Duc Youth Village