Tet Nguyen Dan (TET) is the most significant festival in Vietnam. It is the Vietnamese New Year marking the arrival of spring on the lunar calendar.

In the weeks leading to TET, the general atmosphere in the air is of hope and excitement. Everyone gets to decorating their houses, environment, buying new clothes and preparing New Year food. We are all in hope for a new year full of happiness, prosperity and goodness despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

We at Kinderland Vietnam recognises the importance and value of TET for our Vietnamese families and coworkers. Thus, we were excited to throw a TET celebration where we could have all our parents, children and staff celebrate this joyous activity together. Everyone in the school worked together to decorate the school with colourful decorations.

Teachers were excited in putting up TET decorations

Leading up to TET is our annual charity drive for the less fortunate. We hope that everyone, both the needy and affluent, will get to enjoy TET. This is the true value of the traditional Vietnamese festival, advocating “The Haves will help the Have nots” and inculcating the spirit of giving and sharing.

With one goal in mind, Kinderland Vietnam ran a charity drive to raise money to buy necessities for an orphanage in HCMC District 2. Our children made crafts and sold the art pieces to parents as part of the fund-raising effort. Our Chef, Guard and non-teaching staff hand painted baskets with decorative motifs as part of the sale items.

Our Kindergarten 2 child preparing his craft for the charity sale

Our Chef surprised the school with his hidden artistic talent

Our donation booth

Parents were invited to donate soft toys, hand-me-down prams, food necessities such as salt, sugar, rice, oil, diapers and other basic orphanage needs. Besides that, they also donated generously and were very supportive of the sale of the children’s craftworks. We managed to raise over 5 million VD during this event.

Essentials donated by our parents

Kinderland teacher and staff ferrying our donations to the orphanage

Key members from Kinderland together with Head Nun (third from left) of the orphanage

We hope the year 2021 will be a better year for all and we hope to resume a pre-Covid19  TET celebration next year!