December was a bustling month for children and teachers of Kinderland International Preschool @ Vietnam. We celebrated Christmas in school and participated in Faifo Lane’s Christmas Celebrations.

On 15 December 2019, Faifo Lane on the occasion of celebrating Christmas held community activities for its residents and tenants. Kinderland was honoured to have been invited to be part of this celebration. The Kinderland’s booth gathered parents and children where they designed and created Christmas crafts and cards. It was a fulfilling day as we made new friends and were touched with the support from our current children and parents who chipped in to the fun.

Children working together with teachers

Christmas at Faifo Lane was a magical experience for all as we joined in the Christmas spirit that was so prevalent in the air. From decorations to Christmas caroling and warm smiles and wishes from everyone present.

A mini celebration was held in school on the eve of Christmas with our children and teachers. It was a joyous day as we celebrated with Christmas themed activities such as Christmas carols, stories, games and crafts. Santa Claus made a special appearance, blessing our children with gifts and spent time interacting with them.

Learning about the spirit of Xmas through stories and pictures

The gift and appearance of Santa was a well-guarded secret which depended greatly on the collaboration between parents and teachers. Before the celebration, children made a Wishlist of what they would like Santa Claus to gift them for Christmas. Parents secretly fulfilled those wishes with presents readily wrapped and handed to the school for safekeeping till Christmas. On the day, when Santa came bearing with his sack of gifts, the excitement on the children’s face could be seen.

Happy to receive gift from Santa Claus

Their smiles warmed our hearts. Through this season, our children learnt the true spirit of Christmas – to share, love and spending quality time with our loved ones.