Before the end of summer, our Nursery and Kindergarten 1 children had an exciting and memorable trip to Legend Art @ The Sun’s Avenue. The friendly art teachers greeted our children in the little cosy art studio.

Our children were thrilled to embark on their magical journey to create a unique 3D piece of art on a canvas frame. They wore little aprons and used their little hands to blend and paint a dazzling seashore with no boundary. The vibrant colours of the sea and the sky are truly captivating, contrasted against the sandy beaches made of real sand, gravel and seashells.

Our children in the studio and get ready!

The little studio was filled with boundless creativity, laughter, and unforgettable moments. Our little artists felt a great sense of achievement and mastery in creative expression through art. This excursion provided a unique opportunity to explore, vicarious experiences while creating a lasting feeling of pride and satisfaction upon accomplishing the artwork. We hope the sense of pride will stay with them for years.

Listening to the instruction on how to create a beautiful sea

Applying sand glue to create seashore

Finishing touch of the seashore

Decorating the seashore

The trip has unleashed the creativity in each child and enhanced their motor skill development. Our little artists went home with their masterpieces and memories they created with their peers. What a great way to end the school year with these little ones celebrating their budding talent.

Our final products