After three and a half months of closure, Ministry of Education and Training (Ho Chi Minh City) finally declared that schools can gradually re-open to have our students back. It was a moment we all have been waiting for since the first closure was announced in February after the TET holidays.

Our teachers and staff have been consistently cleaning and preparing our learning materials throughout the closure period. We wanted our children’s first day to be special and it is in our commitment to assure parents that in light of this pandemic, we are taking all the necessary precautions to ensure on the safety and wellbeing of our teachers, staff and children. Meetings and discussions were held to remind staff on the necessary protocols and safety measures to adhere to.

Staff meetings to ensure school reopen readiness

Teachers are preparing learning materials

Two days before school reopened, our staff did another round of thorough cleaning and disinfecting of the toys and the learning environment. Our staff washed and disinfected every toys and wiped down the books and furniture. The professional disinfection company was engaged as well to disinfect the preschool. Our school’s nurse also made stock checks to ensure sufficient supplies face masks, hand sanitizers, saline solutions and other medical supplies.

Staff from disinfection company doing disinfection throughout the school

Our school nurse doing stock checks

Preparing the environment for school re-opening!

And finally, we are all excited to welcome our children back with open arms!